Privacy Policy

Information Management of Each User

    We collect your personal information in order to provide and continually improve our products and services. We have managed with Cookies (in Technical Term) for usability and accessibility for using website or mobile application of our Platform (Global Marketplace Community Commerce Platform). These Cookies will be used only when user's website or app is connecting with our server, by following International Standard of Cookies Management. We have clearly notified our users that these "Cookies" will be further used for advertisement platforms connected with our business. You can choose not to provide certain information, but then you might not be able to take advantage of many of our Global Marketplace and Seller.


Personal Information Storage

    Following datas are saved in our server temporarily or permanently while using our Global Marketplace Community Commerce Platform website or mobile application. By saving them temporarily, user will be able to use our website or mobile application with recent view product list and favorite item list.

1. Temporarily store "Cookies" (in Technical Term) for user experience and usability.

2. Store User Name, Phone Number and Email for User Registration

3. Store User Address for Shopping

4. Store User Purchased Items and Invoice Vouchers of Shopping

5. Store Shop Name where User makes purchases

6. Store Shipping Records to User

7. Store User Recommendations and Feedbacks

8. Store Total Expense of User Shopping

9. Store User Profile Image (Last Updated One) that User added to System

10. Store chat data between User and Seller via our Platform


Information Usage

    We will contact to User Phone No., Email and etc., that are collected in registration to our Global Marketplace Community Commerce Platform under these following conditions:

1. OTP Verification for Login

2. OTP request for Forgot Password

3. Order Confirmation Message for ordering Products

4. Order Detail Message while Products are shipped via Shipping Services

5. Replying for consumer request and inquiries

6. Sending information relative to user

7. Sending pray Letters on Special Days

8. Sending information about user account privacy and security 

9. Sending notification with payment errors or faults

10. Sending notification with special prices and discount plans

11. Sending discount coupons or present to user


Information Sharing

User will use his/her phone number and email that are added in registration to our Global Marketplace Community Commerce Platform for one time password (OTP) from respective operator, according to the technical terms and conditions.

User will use his/her payment methods and invoices that are added in shopping with our Global Marketplace Community Commerce Platform for the payment services that are connected with us.

User will use his/her personal information including phone number, address and IP address for shipping with our connected Shipping Services with shipping methods


What We Don't Do

    We will never share user personal data with any other person or organization that are not concerned with our Platform.


Deletion of data

     You can request deletion of personal data by sending an email or making a phone call to our customer service center. After reviewing and confirming from our teams, if there is no illegal acts, we will delete your personal data in a few days. We will first restrict your access of your data instead of deleting your data when we find you have illegal acts against our apps (including Seller (Global Marketplace)) from Global Marketplace Community Commerce Platform and may hold your personal data for defense of legal claims. The data will be deleted when the relevant retention period ends.