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Charging cable USB to Type-C «U49 Refined steel» data sync - White

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1. Charging cable length 1.2 meters, hence it is very comfortable. Weight 25g. 2. Connector: stainless steel, thus cable is durable, surface with micro-drawing process. Braid: TPE, therefore cable is flexible and convenient. 3. Specifications: USB to Type-C aka USB-C, so the cable is compatible with devices equipped with a Type-C port. 4. Up to 2.4A current. The specific instantaneous current depends on the charger and mobile phone. 2.4A here refers to the maximum current that the charging cable can withstand. Support charging and data transmission. 5. Finally, 118 Four-core tinned copper core wire with protective layer of flame retardant PVC, which make charging safe and stable.